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Smooth & Soothing
Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy is a luxurious and deeply relaxing treatment that uses smooth, heated stones placed on certain parts of your body. When these stones warm up your muscles, it helps them relax and releases all the stress and tension in your body. The combination of heat and pressure from the stones also helps get rid of muscle knots and any chronic pain you might be experiencing.

Hot stone massage therapy has lots of mental and emotional benefits, too. The warmth and weight of the stones make you feel grounded and calm, which is great for your nervous system. It can reduce stress and anxiety and help you sleep better. Overall, hot stone massage therapy is a holistic way to heal and rejuvenate, making you feel balanced, revitalized, and ready to take on the world feeling like your best self.

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Experience basalt and Himalayan salt stone massage therapy and discover unparalleled relaxation. Call or contact us today to get started!

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Comprehensive Results

Hot Stone Massage Therapy in Auburn, CA

Syrah uses two specialized types of stones for this treatment: basalt stone and Himalayan salt stone. During a hot stone massage, Syrah’s therapists use heated stones along with their hands to massage your body. Not only does the warmth of the stones help relax your muscles, but it also improves your blood flow and circulation, which gets rid of toxins and promotes overall wellness. The gentle heat makes your muscles even more relaxed and open to the therapeutic touch, resulting in an amazingly blissful experience.

Pain Relief

When placed on your back by a skilled massage therapist, the heated, smooth stones act as a source of therapeutic heat that targets your muscles to alleviate tension and relieve pain.

System Support

Himalayan salt stones have grounding properties that not only improve sleep but also help restore balance to the central nervous system, offering a holistic approach to healing.

Cellular Boost

Hot stone massage supports circulation and immunity, ensuring your cells get the nourishment they need to stay strong against different types of infection and disease.

Heat & Healing

Basalt Stone Massage and Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Syrah Spa offers two types of hot stone massage therapies—basalt stone and Himalayan salt stone. Basalt stone is a type of volcanic rock, high in iron content, and known for its ability to hold heat. Himalayan salt stone is a mineral famous for its purifying properties and healing benefits.

By incorporating these stones, our therapists are better able to engage with your tissues, effectively melting away tension, reducing muscle stiffness, and supporting the health of your joints. The stones can be combined with specialized massage techniques or utilized on their own, offering you a range of options for a more therapeutic experience. Let our therapists show you the benefits of relaxation today.

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Auburn’s Hot Stone Massage FAQs

Learn more about this deeply relaxing and truly therapeutic massage experience.

Both of our hot stone techniques are designed for healing, but Himalayan salt has some extra purifying properties. The salt stones we use are unrefined, and their natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties make them a potent healing tool.
To ensure your safety and comfort, our stones are carefully heated using a specialized device specifically designed to reach the perfect, safe temperature. These heated stones are then placed on a soft towel or blanket, serving as a protective layer to prevent direct contact with your skin. This barrier effectively minimizes the risk of skin overheating or burning, allowing you to fully relax and experience the soothing benefits without any concerns.
Whether you’re facing insomnia, muscle tension, pain, or chronic stress, a hot stone massage might just be the therapeutic solution you’ve been seeking. We do not recommend this massage for expectant mothers. Instead, we offer a specialized prenatal massage.
Holistic Self-Care

Deeper Therapies and Better Results

Imagine the sensation of smooth, heated stones gliding gently across your body, releasing tension and easing sore muscles. This ancient technique promotes profound relaxation, as the warmth of the stones penetrates deep into your muscles, melting away stress and providing relief.

The combination of the therapeutic benefits of massage and the soothing heat of the stones creates a truly blissful experience, leaving you feeling revitalized and renewed. Indulge in the incredible therapeutic benefits of a hot stone massage when you book your session with Syrah today and discover the transformative power of this ancient healing practice.

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