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Intimate Area Hair Removal
Brazilian Waxing

Stay ready for date night or a spontaneous trip to the beach year-round with professional Brazilian waxing services for your intimate area. This specialized treatment originated in the swimwear fashion and beach culture of Brazil, where it became an instant hit for the smooth, flawless look it provided for the bikini line.

Around the world today, people enjoy Brazilian waxing for the same reason and for the many beneficial tradeoffs of this shaving alternative. Some people even say they feel more confident and hygienic after getting a full Brazilian wax. It offers a clean, hair-free, stubble-free look that many people find enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing.

Put Your Beauty Plans in Motion

Keep your intimate area hair-free with the simplicity of professional services from Syrah’s team of waxing artists.

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Professional Capability

Beautiful Brazilian Waxing Services in Auburn, CA

When you get a Brazilian wax, a trained esthetician will use hot wax to cover the intimate areas you want hair-free, and then swiftly remove it with a cloth strip, taking the hair right along with it. A lot of clients prefer this method to other hair removal options because it gives them that super smooth feeling and results in a clean and tidy look. Although it can be a bit uncomfortable until you become used to the sensation, many people find that the results are worth it, as the smoothness can last for several weeks.


With Brazilian waxing, you have more freedom in what clothes you choose to wear and you won’t need to fret about any stray hairs making an appearance along your bikini line.


Never worry about missing a spot you can’t see or reach and forget about the unpleasant stubble that comes with a half-shaved area. Our waxing artists are careful and thorough.


Syrah’s waxing technicians know the best products to make your experience as comfortable as possible. This includes aftercare recommendations to safeguard the integrity of your skin.

Stay Smoother Longer

Better Hair Removal with Brazilian and Bikini Waxing

Bikini and Brazilian waxing, like most other types of waxing, will last for 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the natural growth cycles of your hair follicles. These are fantastic results compared to the daily or weekly routines of shaving—not to mention the bonus of avoiding the cuts and nicks associated with razor blades.

With waxing, the hair is taken out from the root, meaning you can go a few weeks without having to worry about stubble or regrowth. What’s more, many clients find that the hair that does grow back is softer and thinner after waxing, making it less noticeable and less of a bother. Whatever your intimate area waxing needs may be, Syrah offers a full menu ranging from the bikini line to the derriere to Brazilian maintenance.

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Auburn’s Brazilian Waxing FAQs

Address your hair removal needs with ease when you rely on Syrah Spa’s waxing experts.

The level of discomfort experienced during Brazilian waxing will vary based on your individual skin sensitivity, although many clients describe it as mild. The good news is that the discomfort diminishes progressively with each session.
Brazilian waxing removes all the hair in your pubic region from the front to the back, while bikini waxing only removes hair from the front—around the bikini area.
Yes, all our waxing treatments are safe for those who are pregnant. However, during pregnancy, it’s always best to speak with your healthcare provider before starting any new treatments to address relevant concerns.
Feel Confident in Your Own Skin

Bring On the Itsy Bitsy Bikini

Living in California means it’s always beach season or lake season (even if we have to take a road trip to get there from beautiful Auburn). The Syrah team is here to help you make the most of every shore-side trip or even just find a way to simplify your personal maintenance routine.

With professional Brazilian waxing, you can enjoy the confidence of showing off your hips, tummy, and thighs without a care in the world. Schedule your waxing appointment today to find a long-term solution for your hair removal needs.

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