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Spa Treatments

We all experience private struggles that make it harder to achieve our beauty and wellness goals. But sometimes, all you need is a helping hand to guide you toward finding better ways to care for yourself. The Syrah Spa team is your go-to source for exceptional beauty solutions and high-quality treatments that deliver the results you’re looking for.

Custom facials, red light therapy, and massage therapy are three of the top ways to achieve real beauty results and indulge in deep relaxation. These spa treatments are designed to work with your body’s natural processes, creating more sustainable outcomes and exceptionally rejuvenating experiences. Don’t blindly face the stress of improving yourself alone—turn to our experts for advice, support, and the professional-grade therapies you’re looking for.

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Invest in Yourself

Therapeutic Spa Treatments in Auburn, CA

Taking care of your body on a foundational level is the best way to support and empower yourself for the challenges you face on a daily basis. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or cellular rejuvenation, Syrah Spa has the boosts you’re looking for to get more out of life. Our science-backed techniques deliver best-in-class solutions for a variety of pain points, goals, and concerns. Explore our treatment options below to learn more and discover a comprehensive plan that meets your needs.

Custom Facials

Experience a completely personalized facial that addresses your unique needs and concerns. With modalities including microneedling and chemical peels, we can address acne, dehydration, signs of aging, and more.

Red Light Therapy

You can say goodbye to wrinkles and imperfections with our relaxing and effective red light therapy treatments. Rejuvenate your skin like never before when you experience the healing power of this advanced technique.

Massage Therapy

Nourish your body and undo the toll caused by stress and pain with a restorative massage. We offer deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, cupping therapy, and more to see to the unique concerns you’re facing.

Indulge & Renew

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Schedule your appointment to discover customized treatment plans. Our professional-grade therapies create flawless, smooth-to-the-touch skin that makes you feel good on the inside and look radiant on the outside.

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Elevate Your Self-Care Routine

More often than not, modern life keeps us all on our toes and on the go without breaks. Taking a nap or soaking in a tub may provide relief in the short term, but are you seeing to your wellness needs in the long run? At Syrah Spa, we offer deeply therapeutic treatments that provide immediate solutions as well as extended benefits.

From massage therapy to skincare treatments, sessions with our trained wellness experts and massage therapists produce tangible results that improve your quality of life. Creating a personalized treatment plan based on our extensive knowledge will address pain points and improve your comfort as well as your self-confidence. Discover a rejuvenated you when you book an appointment at our day spa.

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